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A playful cat fight

So I thought I should catch this on video – Roxy just couldn’t stand the thought of her spot being used by someone else rather than her.

A cat’s battle of the fittest! The best cat gets the spot XD

Watch it here: A cat’s battle of the fittest

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Time That Flies

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Only in my Dreams

5 weeks old

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My Maya when she was still a little kitty.

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Spread my Wings

That is an embalmed eagle that belonged to my great grandmother. It took me some time to dust it carefully, making sure not to ruin it and then had to find the right place and angle for the shot. The photograph was taken using the macro photo programme so as to capture as much detail as possible using my Nikon Coolpix S4 camera. No zoom or flash was used.

Once transferred onto the computer I gave it a slight blue hue after desaturating it.

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